Why Solar?

Clean and Green

Generating electricity from solar energy reduces your consumption of fossil fuels, which decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emission.


Solar Energy, in the form of Photovoltaics or Solar Water Heating is a good economic investment. It can aid consumers in handling inflation & the rising cost of gas & electricity.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, solar panels require very little maintenance. They are designed to provide 25 – 40 years service.

Current Tax Breaks

Tax credits at the federal level make it more affordable than ever. See our tax credits page for more information.

Carbon Offsets

The electricity you use causes the release of carbon dioxide (which promotes global warming). For example, If your average power bill is $150 per month, that is the equivalent emissions of driving 33,706 miles per year. To offset the yearly emissions, it would require planting 76 trees a year. Check your own usage at Find Solar’s website.