Frequently Asked Questions about Solar

Should I replace my roof before installing solar?

It depends on how old your roof is and how long it’s rated to last. Solar Panels have a lifetime of around 30 years–but can last longer. It’s smart to install on a new or newer roof  right before you install solar so you don’t have to reinstall the panels after replacing your roof.

What do you look for when you come to do a site survey?

When we come out to do a site survey we measure how much available space there is to install panels, the orientation of the roof, and how shaded the roof is. Ideally, we look for south facing roofs with minimum obstructions and very little shade.

What are my options if my roof is too shaded but I still want to install?

If you’re roof is too shaded for solar there are a few options. You could install a ground or pole mount on your property. Or you can cut trees. If you choose to cut trees, we can come out with our Solar Pathfinder and mark which trees need to come down, free of charge.

Are batteries a good idea?

It depends on the situation. If you live out in the country and experience unreliable electrical service, it may be a good idea. If you want to go off the grid, yeah. However, batteries are expensive and caustic to the environment. We’re talking another $5,000 to your system.  If you’re worried that you won’t be harnessing all the energy your system produces, we suggest building a system to fit your solar needs exactly and putting panels on different parts of the roof so you’re producing throughout the day.

Can I track what my panels are producing each day?

Yep! With every system we install an Enphase Monitoring system. In real time, you can monitor how much your system is producing by logging onto their website. They even have an app!

What happens if 5-15 years down the road something goes wrong with my system?

We will be happy to come out and look at it for free! We try to treat each customer like a dear friend or family. If you ever need anything, just ask! Also, the panels, and inverters have a 25 year warranty. If something ever breaks, chances are it’s under warranty.